Sochi Olympics

Posted on February 21, 2014

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To celebrate the 22nd Winter Games in Sochi, Eighth Avenue Place showed our Canadian pride and created a welcoming space for tenants to cheer on their favourite athletes. We began by featuring “Know your Athletes” slides on Captivate Screens in the elevators two weeks before the games began. We then installed Canadian Flags and Go Team Canada banners in our Lobby as well as 5 TVs- one a 75 inch screen!

As the games progressed we served Tim Horton’s doughnuts and popcorn to tenants watching the hockey games in the Lobby. Groups gathered around the screen to cheer on Canada, cheers that could be heard from the 4th floor Hines Office- a clear message that Canada had scored!

To celebrate the medal winners, we will be featuring slides on each Medalist on the Captivate Screens to keep the spirit alive after the Olympians leave Sochi and head home.

Congrats to all athletes and medalists worldwide!

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